Milestones & Achievements

With the help of the local community, EBC has reached a number of milestones and achievements throughout its history!

Mike Farwell Show - January 2024

Live-to-Air Interview on 570 News

~January 2024~

On January 29, 2024, Jason Kipfer, EBC Co-Founder & Chair was invited back down to the 570 News studio as a guest on the Mike Farwell Show to provide listeners with an update on what Eastbridge Business Connections (and the Locally Connected Community Hub) has been up to since Jason last appeared on his show back in December 2022. Click here to listen to the interview (fast forward to 53 minutes, 21 seconds into the show).

HubSpot Logo

Online Interview to Discuss Building Community Using HubSpot Tools

~November 2023~

On November 21st, Jason was invited as a guest speaker within the HubSpot User Group to share his experiences of using HubSpot tools to help build Community. This live-streamed interview was made available to HubSpot's worldwide online community and users had the opportunity to chime in and ask questions directly to Jason. In addition to highlighting his use of such tools as HubSpot's CRM (contact relationship management) database, email module, and website builder, Jason also talked about his experiences, driven by his passion to bring neighbours, friends and colleagues together in a fun, safe and relaxed environment that contributes towards his goal of making the community a more inclusive, safe and welcoming place to live, work, play and Shop. You are invited to listen to the audio recording of the interview.

Click here to download Jason's interview. 

EZTBC Commences in EZT - October 2023

East Zorra-Tavistock Business Connections Launched as 4th Community-Based Meetup Chapter

~October 2023~

On October 18th, friends, neighbours and colleagues gathered at the Terra Nova Nordic Spa for the inaugural East Zorra-Tavistock Business Connections (EZTBC) Meetup with more than 20 local area residents, entrepreneurs and business owners in attendance. This is the fourth community-based Meetup chapter and the first to expand beyond Waterloo Region. Special thanks to Lee Griffi, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter from The Wilmot-Tavistock Gazette for reporting on our inaugural Meetup! Click here to download the full news story. 

EBC Ice Breaker

EBC Launches its Own Branded Canned Beer

~September 2023~

Eastbridge Business Connections is very excited to have partnered with Innocente Brewing Company to create its own branded canned beer, the 'Ice Breaker' with its slogan, 'Brewing Connections Since 2017'. EBC members were encouraged to submit suggestions for their favourite name and slogan to appear on the can while also being invited down to the brewery to sample and vote on two existing recipes for the winning brew! Cans are available for purchase and consumption onsite or take-out. 


From Sticky Nametags to Professional Lanyards

~June 2023~

Louis Cilibanov, Owner of ALL Corporate Print & Branding is helping enhance the professional image of EBC monthly Meetups by having donated 100 lanyards (to replace the sticky nametags that have been used to date). The lanyards were introduced at the June 26, 2023 Meetup at Classic Indian. 


Six Years of Supporting EBC

~June 2023~

During EBC's 6th Anniversary Meetup at Morty's Pub on January 30, 2023, it was great to have nine of the original 18 members who attended EBC's first Meetup back on January 23, 2017. Special thanks to Geof, Dave, Ellen, Kerri, Patty, Yuliana, Olesia, Greg and Jason for continuing to support EBC and local community development over the past six years!


Live-to-Air Interview on 570 News

~December 2022~

On December 20, 2022, Jason Kipfer, EBC Co-Founder & Chair was invited down to the 570 News studio as a guest on the Mike Farwell Show to share the story behind Eastbridge Business Connections, Lakeshore Business Connections, and the impact that these two community-based networking groups are having on the local community. Click here to listen to the interview (fast forward to 1 hour, 44 minutes into the show).

PXL_20221129_022837916 (1)

Volunteer tee shirts

~November 2022~

Volunteers of Eastbridge Business Connections unveiled their new volunteer tee shirts during EBC's November Meetup at Schooner Street Brewery. The branded tee shirts make it easier for attendees to identify members of the volunteer committee.  Special thanks to Louis Cilibanov, Owner of ALL Corporate Print & Branding for his support.


EBC-Branded Business Cards

~April 2018~

On April 23, 2018, Jason Kipfer, Co-Founder & Chair picked up his first batch of EBC-branded business cards to help promote Eastbridge Business Connections. Special thanks to Louis Cilibanov, Owner of ALL Corporate Print & Branding for his support.


“Hey Jason,  just wanted to leave you a quick note of appreciation. Your gift for bringing people together and your heart of gold make the Eastbridge Business Connections meetups an absolute blast! I always look forward to each one like it's a holiday gathering with a bunch of good friends and family. Unlike some other networking groups I've tried, this one feels like a party! I've brought a few good friends along, and I'm definitely not stopping there! Thank you for making these meetups a highlight and for everything you're doing for the community and individuals alike!"

---Nadezhda Hope Boginya, Portrait Photographer, Pure Muse Portrait.”