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Congratulations to our Winner of 2 Courtside Flex Tickets to a KW Titans Regular Season Home Game

KW Titans Courtside Ticket Giveaway Winner
KW Titans Courtside View 1

The LCCHub Brings Pro Basketball to Neighbourhood Youth in Eastbridge

With the support, generosity and sponsorship of more than 50 Eastbridge and area residents, Eastbridge Business Connections has become an official KW Titans Community Member! The goal of this initiative is to:

  1. Support KW's local professional basketball team;
  2. Provide opportunities for junior basketball players who are enrolled in one of the three elementary schools in Eastbridge to attend a professional basketball game; and
  3. Provide opportunities to thank our EBC Community Sponsors with the chance to win regular-season home game tickets, KW Titans merchandise, and VIP perks!
What is this KW Titans Community Membership program all about?
The KW Titans has developed a Community Membership program which is an annual partnership between the local community and the KW Titans. The membership package includes your season ticket, along with a collection of VIP perks and privileges that grows with your level of support. Your annual contribution to the Titans Community Organization supports the growth of the team and disperses profits to minor sports in our community.
How Does this Work?
• Eastbridge Business Connections sought out the support of the local community to support this initiative as an EBC Community Sponsor through a small individual investment of $30 to help support the purchase of three (3) Gold Bowl season tickets for the KW Titans 2023-24 basketball season. Each season's ticket is valued at $745 and together, the total investment was $2,235.
• Of the twenty (20) KW Titans home games, Eastbridge Business Connections donateed two (2) pairs of tickets to each of the three (3) elementary schools located within Eastbridge.
• The three (3) elementary schools are Lester B. Pearson Public School, Millen Woods Public School and St. Luke Catholic School
• Two (2) students from each school's basketball team will be randomly drawn to attend a KW Titans regular season home game with a parent (or equivalent).
• The remaining tickets, merchandise, and VIP perks will be randomly drawn amongst EBC's Community Sponsors.
What other opportunities are there for me to win as a Community Investor?
Once the three (3) Gold Bowl season tickets are purchased, Eastbridge Business Connections Co-Founder & Chair will randomly draw names (from EBC's Community Sponsors) to either win a ticket to attend a KW Titans regular season home game (Gold Bowl seating) or one of the following VIP Perks that come with EBC's Community Membership package:

• Authentic player long sleeve shooting shirt (x3) - will be ordered to size once the winners have been drawn
• Authentic cotton T-shirt with your choice of KW Titans logo, T-shirt colour and size (x3) - will be ordered once the winners have been drawn
• 30"x40" Season 7 commemorative poster (x3) - as seen at the Aud
• Invitation to select training camp & regular season practices (x3) * - closed to the public
• A Buddy flex ticket, redeemable for a Gold Bowl seat (x6) *
• Exclusive Meet the Team Event (x3) *

* Further details and dates to be provided once the season tickets have been purchased.
What does each game ticket come with?
If your name is drawn to win a Gold Bowl single-seat ticket to a KW Titans home game, you will be provided with a physical ticket (that resembles a typical game day ticket) to a predetermined game. You will be notified where in Eastbridge you can pick up your awarded ticket. With this ticket, you will have access to the following VIP Perks during the game:

• 10% Discount on KW Titans merchandise purchased at the Aud
• Access to the Community Owner's pre-game lounge (one hour before game start time)
• Invitation to Game Day shoot-around (either between 10:00 - 11:00am or 5:00 - 6:00pm) at the Aud. This VIP Perk is closed to the public and only available to awarded ticket holders of games that fall on either a Saturday or Sunday.
Which games are assigned to the neighhbourhood schools and EBC's Community Investors?
The following breakdown summarizes which neighbourhood schools will be provided with two (2) pairs of home game tickets and the balance will be randomly drawn from EBC's Community Investors. All scheduled home games start at 7:00pm, unless noted below.

Lester B. Pearson Public School:
1. January 2 ► London Lightning *
2. April 17 ► London Lightning

Millen Woods Public School:
1. March 13 ► Windsor Express
2. April 30 ► Reading Rebels

St Lukes Catholic School:
1. January 7 ► Pontiac Pharoahs (2pm) *
2. May 1 ► Cincinnati Warriors

EBC's Community Investors:
1. December 30 ► Sudbury Five
2. January 20 ► Windsor Express *
3. January 21 ► Montreal Tundra (2pm) *
4. February 1 ► Windsor Express
5. February 4 ► Newfoundland Rogues (2pm) *
6. February 15 ► Montreal Tundra
7. February 29 ► Sudbury Five
8. March 7 ► Newfoundland Rogues
9. March 16 ► Glass City Wranglers *
10. March 21 ► Kokomo Bobkats
11. March 28 ► Lebanon Leprechauns
12. April 13 ► Jamestown Jackals *
13. April 20 ► Derby City Distillers *
14. April 27 ► Sudbury Five *

* Access available to the Community Owner's pre-game lounge (one hour before game start time).
KW Titans Home Game Schedule
All scheduled home games start at 7:00pm, unless noted below.

1. December 30 ► Sudbury Five *
2. January 2 ► London Lightning
3. January 7 ► Pontiac Pharoahs (2pm) *
4. January 20 ► Windsor Express *
5. January 21 ► Montreal Tundra (2pm) *
6. February 1 ► Windsor Express
7. February 4 ► Newfoundland Rogues (2pm) *
8. February 15 ► Montreal Tundra
9. February 29 ► Sudbury Five
10. March 7 ► Newfoundland Rogues
11. March 13 ► Windsor Express
12. March 16 ► Glass City Wranglers *
13. March 21 ► Kokomo Bobkats
14. March 28 ► Lebanon Leprechauns
15. April 13 ► Jamestown Jackals *
16. April 17 ► London Lightning
17. April 20 ► Derby City Distillers *
18. April 27 ► Sudbury Five *
19. April 30 ► Reading Rebels
20. May 1 ► Cincinnati Warriors

* Access available to the Community Owner's pre-game lounge (one hour before game start time).
Listing of EBC's Community Investors
Eastbridge Business Connections would like to thank and recognize the following Community Investors for supporting the first year of this community-sports initiative:

• Alex Matyas, DNA Everyday Global
• Amelyah Gareau
• Andrea Kiff, ajar designs ink. (x2)
• Andrew Figueiredo, Pickle Barrel
• Anirban Mishra, Pizza Depot Waterloo
• Anita Venugopal, Embody Health Centre
• Bill Judge - Officiant / Celebrant
• Charlie Stevens
• Chris O'Dell, Wally Parr Sausage
• Christine Cardoza, Oasis of Healing Salt Spa
• Chuck Lee
• Data Perceptions
• Dennis Orfanidis, Driver 4 Hire
• Diane Matyas, DNA Everyday Global
• Evva Vandervoort, Fresh Eats & Riley Cruz Carnahan (x2)
• Gabby Jansen, Healing Hearts Mobile Animal Rehab
• Gary Jones, Our Community Dollar
• Gene DiMira (x2)
• Geof Glidden, Eby Manor Golden Guernsey Dairy Market
• Hunter Restoule,Hunter Charcuterie Boards and More (x5)
• Irene Divaris, Meal in a Jar (x2)
• Jackie Lauer
• Jasmeet Singh, Eastbridge Pharmacy (x3)
• Jason Kipfer, Explorer Solutions
• Jeff May, Sentry Group
• Kevin Remington
• Kevin Stevens
• Laura Bean
• Lesley Ann Forbes, Forbes Voiceover
• Lester Chavez, Dominion Lending - DLC Team
• Louise Kaiser, Louise Kaiser Consulting
• Melissa Henderson, TMG The Mortgage Group
• Mike Harris
• Nora Kassim, Eastbridge Dental Care
• Patty Vamvakitis, Carriage Crossing Pharmacy
• Perry and Rhonda Edmundson (x2)
• Peter Barbuto
• Peter Maxwell, Maxwell Building Consultants
• Rob Puschelberg, Gemstone Entertainment
• Ryan Lloyd-Craig, Graffiti Market
• Sharon Kozlowski
• Sukhjit Singh, North Dental Studio
• Tanner Bergsma, AR Legacy Printing Inc.
• Tara Wilson, Neighbours of North Waterloo Magazine
• Tonya Seip (x3)
• Tiffany Martin
• Trevor Shaw, Schlueter​ Hyundai (x2)

    Winners Circle





December 30

Tonya Seip

Jacob Seip

Shawn McLinden

January 2

Lester B. Pearson Public School

Lester B. Pearson Public School

Gabby Jansen

January 7

St Luke Catholic School

St Luke Catholic School

Melissa Henderson

January 20

Travis Restoule

Hunter Restoule

Hunter Restoule

January 21 

Lester Chavez

Lester Chavez

Lester Chavez

February 1

Jasmeet Singh

Jasmeet Singh

Sukhjit Singh

February 4

Alex Matyas

Diane Matyas

Lesley Ann Forbes

February 15

Brad Wilton

Michelle Wilton

Krishna Priya

February 29

Charlie Stevens

Kevin Stevens

Sharon Kozlowski

March 7

Christine Cardoza

Amelyah Gareau

Louise Kaiser

March 13

Millen Woods Public School

Millen Woods Public School

Tiffany Martin

March 16

Evva Vandervoort

Riley Vandervoort

Peter Barbuto

March 21

Irene Divaris

Irene Divaris

Gary Jones

March 28

Jeff May

Deb May

Anirban Mishra

April 13

Kevin Remington

Laura Bean

Tanner Bergsma

April 17

Lester B. Pearson Public School

Lester B. Pearson Public School

Chuck Lee

April 20

Perry Edmundson

Rhonda Matheson

Dennis Orfanidis

April 27

Anita Venugopal

Andrea Kiff

Patty Vamvakitis 

April 30

Millen Woods Public School

Millen Woods Public School

Doug Chan

May 1

St Luke Catholic School

St Luke Catholic School

Nora Kassim

A Buddy Flex Ticket, Redeemable for a Gold Bowl Seat

Authentic Player Long Sleeve Shooting Shirt

30"x40" Season 7 Commemorative Poster

Exclusive Meet the Team Event

  • Gene DiMira

  • Mike Harris

  • Ryan Lloyd-Craig

  • Scott Murphy

  • Tara Wilson

  • Trevor Shaw

  • Andrew Figueiredo

  • Jackie Lauer

  • Chris O'Dell

  • Bill Judge

  • Rob Puschelberg

  • Saima Khan

  • Geof Glidden

  • Jason Kipfer

  • Peter Maxwell



Alison Wardrop

Lester B. Pearson Public School

St Luke Catholic School

Rosemary Kavanagh

St Luke Catholic School

Millen Woods Public School Logo

Karen Grant-O’Grady

Millen Woods Public School

EBC Donates KW Titans Tickets to St Luke Catholic School
EBC Donates KW Titans Tickets to Lester B Pearson Public School
EBC and Millen Woods Public School


"As a newcomer to EBC, I was impressed by the welcome I received and found the ‘meet and chat’ format extremely valuable to not only promote my own business but also establish relationships in my community."