Website Updates

We're ensuring that you have the latest website updates at your fingertips. Website revisions and updates are summarized below as they happen. 

May 2024
• North Guelph Business Connections - June 5th RSVP form added (Impero Bar & Grill(
• Westmount Business Connections - July 15th RSVP form added (Grafitti Market)
April 2024
• Cambridge Business Connections - June 19th RSVP form added (Wave Maker Craft Brewery & Taproom)
• Cambridge Business Connections - May 14th RSVP form added (The Local Taproom)
December 2023
• December 2023 Newsletter sent out
• KW Titans Community Ownership model added to website
November 2023
• RSVP Landing Page - Regional Festive Connection Meetup RSVP form live
• Milestones - Adding Jason's HubSpot interview on how to build community using HubSpot tools
• Lakeshore Business Connections - Expedia Cruises added as Happy Hour Meetup Sponsor to November 8th Meetup
• East Zorra-Tavistock Business Connections - November 29th RSVP form added
• Milestones & Achievements - Updated with news story of new EZTBC chapter from The Wilmot-Tavistock Gazette
• Eastbridge Business Connections - November 27th RSVP form added
• Eastbridge Business Connections - October Meetup writeup and online photo gallery added
October 2023
• East Zorra-Tavistock Business Connections - October Meetup writeup and online photo gallery added
• Eastbridge Business Connections launches new branded canned beer, the Ice breaker' as another milestone
• Eastbrisge Business Connections - September Meetup group photo and link to online gallery added
• Meetup RSVP forms updated with a 'Home Chapter' drop-down option
• East Zorra-Tavistock Business Connections - October 18th RSVP form added
• Lakeshore Business Connections - November 8th RSVP form added
September 2023
• Waterloo West Business Connections - Inaugural Meetup postponed and new date to be announced soon
• Caudle's Catch Profile - Updated Text
• Lakeshore Business Connections September 2023 - Group Photo Added
• Eastbridge Business Connections - September Meetup RSVP Form - Updated Text
• Website Updates page added to website